OpSens Medical was founded on the belief that its innovative technologies will help improve cardiovascular disease treatment. Our unique Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) guidewire brings together a robust sensing technology and advanced material construction, resulting in a tool that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use; saving time and costs as well as improving the success rates in challenging peripheral and coronary interventions. OpSens’ significant competitive advantage comes from its innovative pressure guidewire design and its use of new technologies, which include OpSens’ proprietary miniature optical pressure sensing technology.

OpSens supplies a wide range of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners for temperature, pressure, strain, and deformation measurement based on proprietary patent and patent-pending technologies. Their sensors are known to provide long-term accuracy and reliability in the harshest environments.

Their patent portfolio currently holds three patents with an additional three patents pending covering its products and technology provided to our markets securing OpSens in a unique position in the marketplace. With its patented technologies and highly recognized expertise, OpSens meets consumer needs in the Life Sciences, Energy, Defense & Aerospace, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Scientific Laboratory, and many other markets.

OpSens’ growth strategy is to become a key player in the Medical sector focusing on coronary artery disease measurement, where its products and technologies offer major advantages over the competition. The Company also aims to capitalize on its technologies and products in the industrial markets. To this end, the Company implements its corporate strategy based on its various segments of operations.

Investment Highlights:

• Strong Core Revenue growth (+50%) between 2016 and 2019

• Lead by continuous growth in FFR (Coronary Artery Disease) product

• Potential breakthrough product. The SavvyWire for TAVR to address the $4 billion1 Aortic Valve Stenosis market

• Health Canada Approval received - April 2022

• Controlled release in selected hospitals

• SavvyWire submitted to U.S. FDA - Clearance expected fall 2022

• Commercialization in 2023


•April 2019: Signing of 5-year agreement to supply critical components for Impella.The contract includes mutual renewal clauses (until 2024)

•January 2022: Supply agreement extended to 2028

•OpSens Solution was awarded a contract from RI Research Instruments GmbH for absolute and differential fiber optic pressure sensors for the International Experimental Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER).

•ITER: World's largest nuclear fusion and scientific experimentation project - 35 nations committed to building and demonstrating a safe, carbon-free, almost unlimited nuclear fusion-based potential energy source.